Light on Board® evolutionizes systems, boards and microchips by seamlessly overlaying optical interconnects onto existing electrical communications. Light on Board® increases bandwidth, reduces overall power consumption, and reduces complexity – without disrupting the design.



InterBOARD™: Parallel optical transceivers for high-density interconnections between boards and systems


The LightABLE™ Optical Engine is a low-profile self-contained parallel transmitter (or receiver). The LightABLE™ are vertically pluggable or can be surface mounted...


Light On Board®
Light On Board®: Optically enabled semiconductor packaging for interconnections to and between Integrated circuits (ICs).

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More and more people are accessing the Internet, talking on their cell phones, text messaging, using a GPS, downloading music, recording videos or playing video games daily. Data transfer and usage is growing exponentially every year. With world-wide storage surpassing 500-billion GigaBytes, you need high-speed reliable bandwidth to ensure that your information is transferred, uploaded or stored properly. Reflex Photonics, a developer of high-speed optical connectivity, provides solutions for semiconductor packaging and data transfer applications that can help you increase the power of your microchip without changing your system. Let us show you how you can increase your port density, decrease your power and increase your efficiency with cost-effective ‘Light on Board’ solutions.



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News and Events

May 31, 2016;

Reflex Photonics Launches New Industrial Temperature PPOD and SNAP12 Optical Modules

April 19, 2016;

Reflex Photonics' new rugged SNAP12 operates at up to 75 Gbps in harsh environments

March 21, 2016;

LightABLE™ successfully completes GR468 and Mil-STD Live Vibration test

February 15, 2016;

Reflex Photonics MicroClip™ Withstands 1 kg Pull Force, Exceeding Industry Standard by 2X

January 15, 2016;

Reflex Photonics Announces its General Availability of a Fully Qualified Embedded Parallel Optics Transceivers for Defense & Aerospace Harsh Environment

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Reflex Photonics Inc. is a privately held corporation founded in 2002 that is focused on delivering high performance interconnects for next generation optical and semiconductor connectivity solutions.