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Reflex to present an 8.6 Tbps optical backplane architecture at OFC/NFOEC 2012.

Sunnyvale, Calif. (March 2, 2012) - Reflex Photonics today announced that it will be exhibiting an optical backplane technology at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference/National Fiber Optics Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC) in Los Angeles, California from March 6 - 8th, 2012. Conference attendees are invited to visit Reflex Photonics Booth #2631 during the event to see its latest technology offerings.

The optical backplane demonstrator uses Reflex LightABLE optical engine technology to implement 864 point-to-point optical fiber links that can provide for more than 8.6-Tbps in a single chassis. The optical fabric has 6 layers of 12x12 fully connected broadcast meshes, giving more than 720-Gbps of bandwidth per line card into the optical backplane and over 60-Gbps of direct bandwidth between any 2 cards at the same time – with ZERO latency. The overall backplane architecture uses a distributed switching architecture where there are no central switch-cards, and all cards act as a portion of the whole switch. An architecture such as this can be used in conjunction with an existing electrical backplane to increase the total backplane throughput.

“The optical backplane can be retro-fitted to most standard electrical chassis, and it is easy to install and maintain, based on standard parts and design principles” explains David Rolston, CTO. “This demonstrator rivals the performance of all existing standard electrical chassis, but is simple and can target applications from telecom/datacom installations to warehouse automation and production line communications.”

Secondary features of the optical backplane chassis are its immunity to EMI, the low total power consumption (less than 8.6 pJ/bit using Reflex LightABLE modules), and that over 10 chassis can be cascaded together, without line-cards, due to the use of standard VSR multimode interoperability given the nature of the chassis’ optical fabric and front-panel optical connectors.

Reflex Photonics will showcase a variety of other high speed, parallel channel, optical data communications solutions including:

QSFP Transceiver – The 4-channel QSFP transceiver provides bi-directional electrical-to-optical / optical-to-electrical connectivity of over 300 meters using a parallel channel, multimode optical fiber cable at 40 Gbps. This 300m reach is more than 3x the distance required by the IEEE standard which will enable very large data center applications at low cost. Each independent channel is capable of 10 Gbps for an aggregate bandwidth of 40 Gbps. The QSFP offers an extremely compact and lightweight solution for 40GASE-SR4 40 Gbps Ethernet, OTU3, QDR InfiniBand™ and proprietary backplane interconnections.

CFP Transceivers – The CFP Transceiver provides bi-directional electrical-to-optical / optical-to-electrical connectivity over distances of over 300 meters using a parallel channel, multimode optical fiber cable with an aggregate data rate of up to 112 Gbps. The Reflex CFP is designed for compliance to the CFP multi-source agreement and to the IEEE 802.3ba 100GBASE-SR10 standard for data communications. The Reflex SR-10 CFP offers a standards based low-cost / low-power alternative to single-mode solutions.

120 Gbps LightABLE™ – This technology allows engineers to add high-speed parallel optical connectivity to almost any PCB design. The tiny low-profile LightABLE™ optical engines are easily integrated into a PCB layout and industry standard MT-terminated ribbon fibers attach to the optical engines, carrying high-speed optical data (up to 10 Gbps per fiber) from a few cm to 100 m. A few Gbps to over 1 Tbps of optical connectivity can be directly delivered to an ASIC or FPGA; bypassing the need for optical modules.

Light on Board® - Reflex Photonics’ Light on Board technology provides optically enabled BGA packaging solution for high-bandwidth short reach optical interconnections. Light on Board is an extreme high density, high-speed, optical interconnect solution that offers superior performance at low cost.

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