120Gbps Embedded LightABLE™ optical engine

Latest News: Industrial LightABLE™ Engines Available

The Reflex Photonics LightABLE™ Optical Engine is an integrated solution for converting between high-speed electrical and optical I/O.

The LightABLE™ Surface Mount Optical Engine is a low-profile parallel transmitter or receiver. The optical engines can be mounted directly upon a high-speed printed circuit board via surface mount technology or via a MEG-array® connector.

Hundreds of gigabits or even multiple terabits of optical connectivity can be directly delivered to within millimeters of an ASIC; bypassing the need for long copper traces and bulky pluggable optical modules.

picture of LightABLE(TM) Pluggable

Surface Mount and Pluggable Engines

Suggested applications:

  • Defence and military high speed and density traffic
  • Backplane extensions
  • Proprietary inter and intra board data links
  • Test equipment
  • High speed Video capture

Specifications and Features

  • 12 transmit or receive channels per engine
  • Up to 10.3125 Gbps per channel (*)
  • Industry standard MT-terminated multi-mode parallel fiber connector
  • 850nm wavelength
  • 100 pin pluggable Meg-array™ connector or surface mountable 1.27 mm pitch BGA
  • Requires only 3.2 cm2of PCB area
  • Dissipates only 70 mW per channel(*)
  • Commercial and Industrial temp range (*)
  • Over 100 m reach on OM3 fiber
  • AC or DC coupled to the host ASIC
  • CML high-speed electrical interface
  • RoHS compliant
  • Two-wire communication interface
  • Data protocol agnostic
      (*) part dependent

Compatible with:

  • 10, 40 & 100 Gbps SR Ethernet
  • 8 and 10G Fibre Channel
  • Xilinx® RocketIO™ transceivers
  • Altera® Stratix™ IV GT transceivers
  • InfiniBand® 12x QDR
  • QSFP+
  • Proprietary protocols

Please see Product Datasheet for detailed specifications.

Product Variants for LH-series:

LightABLE™ transceivers are available in several operating temperature variants

  • Industrial Operating Temperature Range (-40 to +85°C) (Tcase)

  • Extended Operating Temperature Range (-15 to +85°C) (Tcase)

  • Commercial Operating Temperature Range ( 0 to +70°C) (Tcase)

Each temperature variant is available in mounting options of

  • Surface mount: RoHS / Lead-Free solder balls

  • Surface mount: Pb / Leaded solder balls

  • Pluggable: RoHS / Lead-Free MegArray® connector

Product Brief LH-seriesSR LightABLE engines pictures

Datasheet available upon request

For further information, contact sales at sales@reflexphotonics.com or by phones at 1-514-842-5179 or 1-408-715-1781





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